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raccoon family


These masked critters are cute, but they can certainly make pests of themselves, especially in urban areas. They damage property inside and out, make a lot of noise inside your attic and can be carriers of diseases, all of which costs you time, money and (most of all) sleep!

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fat squirrel


Squirrels often get into attics and chimneys to nest. They can be very destructive, chewing holes in the roof, soffit and your wiring, just to name a few.

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family of skunks


Skunks are burrowing animals that are attracted to spaces under decks, porches, and sheds, in woodpiles and under rocks. Because urban settings offer plentiful food, shelter and few natural predators, they adapt easily to city life. Their presence causes unpleasant odours in the areas they inhabit and can mean a risk of children or family pets being sprayed.

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sneaky opossum


The only marsupial that's native to North America, opossums are becoming a much more common sight in Southern Ontario. Many people have only seen opossums dead on the side of the road, but they are becoming a pest to some home owners. If you are having issues with opossums, the experts at The Animal Movers can help.

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pigeon and starling


When birds take over your yard or roost in your eaves, the result can be noisy and dirty. Some types of birds are more annoying than others. Should your property at any time become overrun with too many birds, there may be a reason. Call The Animal Movers to find out why.



These gregarious birds build nests along building ledges, inside parking structures, on top of A/C units, window sills, under bridges, etc. Their feces are the biggest problem; droppings are corrosive, unhealthy, smelly and unsightly.

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Strong and aggressive, starlings flock in large numbers. They drive other birds out of the area, and are particularly annoying to homeowners in the spring when the babies are born leaving a large mess of nesting material and feces below the entrance to their nest.

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When bats roost in your attic, their feces can cause health problems and damage your home. Bats often enter your home through a chimney opening, an open door or window or gaps in your roof.

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Mice are the second most common mammal in urban communities (second only to human beings). Like other pests, mice can carry and transmit diseases through their droppings. Homeowners with mice infestations might also find their books, electrical wires and furniture chewed through thanks to these speedy rodents. You might also hear noises in the wall or even smell urine.



Wasps and hornets (especially bald faced hornets) are both drawn to York Region homes thanks to outdoor food supplies. We suggest getting a trash can with a tight lid to avoid garbage luring the pests nearby. If you enjoy eating outside during the warmer months, make sure to clean up after and not leave crumbs or uneaten food when you go back in. It’s also helpful to seal up any cracks or patch up loose siding on your home so wasps and hornets don’t have a place to build their nests. If you already have wasps or hornets on your property, we highly recommend getting professionals like The Animal Movers to take care of the issue.

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