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Newmarket’s Prefer Professional Pest Control Service

Hassle Free Animal Control Services in Newmarket and York Region area

Is your home being invaded by wild animals? Are these pests damaging your home? Don’t let these nuisances pose health risks to you and your family. Whatever the situation, The Animal Movers has a humane pest removal plan to get rid of your particular unwanted house guest. We offer the effective animal and pest control services in Newmarket and the surrounding York Region Area.


Some of the services we offer:

One-way Doors

For pests living under your deck or in your home’s attic, the team at The Animal Movers can install a special one-way door where they’ve been entering your home. That way, the wild animal can’t get back into their den the next time they leave to find food. Our team will also take the opportunity to repair the damaged spots to make sure that your pest won’t find another way in. As soon as we can confirm that the animal is gone from the attic or deck, we’ll take off the one-way door and block up that entryway.


You should never try to remove infant animals from your home yourself. Many wild animals will become protective and hurt anyone they see as a danger to their young. Contacting wildlife professionals is always the best option when dealing with baby animals nesting in your home. Our team will remove the babies in the most humane way possible and leave them in a warm space nearby for the mother to find. Without a way back into your home, she’ll relocate her young to another space away from your family.


Humane Removal of Deceased Animals

Sometimes pests end up dying in inconvenient areas of a property. Many of our clients have found dead animals under their porches or decks, inside walls and in chimneys or attics. If not handled soon, the decomposition smell (especially for bigger skunks and raccoons) could overwhelm your home. Do you have a dead pest body trapped somewhere in your home? Then don’t wait. Call The Animal Movers for pest control services in Newmarket. We can arrive as soon as possible and help you get rid of the animal and the odour. We follow specific health and safety guidelines for animal carcass removal to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Gets the Job Done Right - Hire A Professional

Considering how frightened and dangerous wild animals can be when cornered, we do not recommend a homeowner dealing with a pest themselves. The best thing to do if you find a wild animal pest in your Newmarket home is to call us immediately. Our pest control service team in Newmarket will be able to keep the animal contained in a small area. Using a net, we’ll catch it and release it outside away from your home. The Animal Mover is the preferred choice for pest control services in Newmarket because of our humane practices. Call us today for safe and humane removal of wild animals!

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