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Humane Wild Animal Removal in Newmarket

Has a wild animal trespassed into your house? Are you concerned about them causing harm either to you or your property?  Do not worry anymore! At The Animal Movers, we provide humane wild animal removal services in Newmarket and surrounding area. Once we safely remove the animal, we can repair any damages they caused to your attic or roof to prevent them from coming back. Our humane method ensures the animal is not hurt in the process.  

Animal Damage Repair

When choosing The Animal Movers, you don’t just receive humane wild animal removal in York Region. We also provide repair options for the parts of your property damaged by these unwanted guests. Browse these photos to see what our team does to help your home get back to normal. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please call our office.


Our staff are well-trained and have the necessary experience in handling and removing wild animals including raccoons, squirrels, skunks and other unwanted pests.  Our staff will extend complete co-operation to ensure that you will be worry-free when removing these unwanted guests from your house. You can count on our humane wild animal removal services in the Newmarket area.  
Contact the Specialist 

If you need immediate animal removal services in Newmarket area, contact us now. We are ready to assist you and provide trustworthy services. Our service is humane and environmentally friendly to ensure the animal is not hurt in the process. You can also go through our list of frequently asked questions and resolve your queries.  

Check out our videos showing humane pest removal practices
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